It may be a bit strange to hear from an inmate about some of the positive daily interactions that can be had from the perspective of a convict with the right kind of mindset. I can assure you I do not have Stockholm Syndrome.

Sadly one of our greatest sources of encouragement has left the building – to use an Elvis term. I am not going to write her name here, but the readers will recognize her description from some of Marshall’s posts. She is known as the Purple Haired Wonder Instructor. I had the distinct pleasure of working for her for almost three years as a Tutor. I got to know her fairly well and over the years was amazed at her dedication, support, and encouragement, she gave each and every inmate. I know for a fact that her interactions with some inmates completely changed their views on education and their mindsets on what they could achieve. She is directly responsible for changing guys lives. She is going to be greatly missed.

The gift she gave of herself is something that cannot be quantified. I cannot stress enough how many lives she touched just by being herself. Each student was respected, encouraged, and supported. They became confident in themselves and began to see their full potential, often for the first time. She once told me that more than a few of her students told her that they have never been told they have done a good job before. The transformations often came slowly, but as trust is built, an inner light begins to be seen. M. was an expert of causing the students to see within themselves what she could see. That is a gift which she shared in abundance. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet a person of her character.

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