It used to be that I felt worthless. Like, if I died nobody would really care, or even notice. In fact, I used to believe that my death would bring a sigh of relief to many. 

That was my whole life. Then, I came out. It changed everything. Nothing is the same about me, except maybe my poor me attitude, when I run I too feel much failure…but I’m getting a handle on it!

Now, I know this for sure, I have a job to do. People are depending on me to follow through with my goals. Not just for my sake, but for theirs as well. I got potential.

In fact, I’m worth something. I’m worth a lot. Imagine that. Do you know what keeps me going? It’s knowing that I am going to do great things, I’ve already begun. Its already started. Prison may be lonely and limiting. But its temporary for me. I got greatness running through my veins and I am just now acknowledging it. 

The old me may be afraid, self doubting and all that nonsense. But the new me, this person writing this post right now, I’m a Princess, Prince, Queen, and King. 

I’ve had low self esteem my whole life, but not anymore. I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I’m gonna rule my body and what I think. So what I think is, I got greatness in my DNA. I was born for a purpose. I will:

Enrich the LGBT community
End hateful churches
Bring an end to victimization
Fight for full equality…period

I will raise up everyone around me to community leaders. 

Boss status

With Love