The rules of gender need to change. As a gender nonconformist I hate that society tells me if I wear fishnet stockings and heels I am either a fetishist, drag queen, or trans. No! You can take those labels and stick em’ right up your…

None of those things are bad. I have felt like all of them, if even for the briefest of moments. 

Clothing does not define a woman. It is an expression of her personality, her femininity, her beauty. None of those things are tied to “female.” As someone who is scientifically classified as “male” I have feminine traits, personality, and beauty that I want to express. 

I seen a T-shirt on television that read “We Are All Feminists!” This is so true! Even the most macho of men have feminine characteristics. No matter how hidden they may be. I believe that division lines like clothing are what keeps the gender gap alive.

Men wear pants and have short hair. Women wear skirts and have long hair. Men wear stiff, rough clothes. Women wear makeup and soft clothes. Men are handsome, women are pretty. 

Piss on that! Men can be pretty. Women can be stunning in short hair, men can be beautiful in fishnet and make up. 

This is what I believe, I believe that people can be pretty. Not just women. People. People are wonderful creatures that should be allowed to express themselves in most ways. Clothing shouldn’t even be a dividing factor for gender or beauty for that matter. 

I get out November 13, 2021. Fishnet, Mesh and Heels; here I come!

With Love
Jeff Utnage