I did not get the pleasure of interaction with the LGBT community on a large scale when I was free. Most of my time was spent carefully avoiding them so that no one would know I liked other men. 

So I had this idea built up of what it meant to be gay. I thought of a united front, great emotional support, marginalized but happy people because they had each other.

Holy shit was I wrong…

I’d say the last time any type of real uniting was done it was at Stonewall. Perhaps maybe a few other times. But difference of opinions on political matters plays apart, some want marriage equality while others like it just the way it is. Some want big communities with lots of similar people, some want extreme diversity. Some only want to be around other gay people, some want none of it. It gets more complicated from there.

There are plenty of things that we can agree on that still require our immediate attention. Like equal opportunity in states that allow discrimination. Abolishing sodomy laws that specifically target homosexuality. Bathroom use protection for the transgendered community. I could go on. Oh and for all of you who like to concentrate on overseas affairs more than your own backyard, did you know that our people are being hunted and murdered in Russia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Sudan…need more? An Indian blogger just a few years ago was dismembered in the streets by thugs posing as package delivery drivers. People are actively trying to eradicate us…ITS CALLED GENOCIDE!

Meanwhile, your to worried about whether or not the queen down the street is creeping on your straight crush, or your hustle on the raisin with the cash. Whether or not you should support trans or hang out with bisexuals, or move to a neighborhood less dominated by gays because there is too much competition for the straight peoples affection.

Piss on that…

Folks, there is no equality until there is ALL equality. Our people are hurting because they are alone. The ones that don’t know how to act are in need or guidance and friendship. So that when they are ready for help, help is available. I don’t want to be anyone’s token “gay friend.” 

I want you. Other gender non conforming people and LGBT community members. Together we can make drastic changes that will last for generations. It starts with a little forgiveness, a little love.

With Love
Jeff Utnage