I was talking to someone here and in our conversation I brought up a joke about having scepters and tiaras at our LGBT event here this year. When the individual responded they said “Well I don’t know why you’d want those, women don’t wear them”.
It was a reminder of the stigmas and lack of understanding that is still there. I wanted to clarify. Just because a man wants to wear make up or have long hair or even wear heels and a dress doesn’t mean he’s attempting to be a woman. Maybe he just feels great in heels and a dress! I can’t decide if some women are threatened by this idea or if its just a new thing that’s not broken in yet. Its not socially acceptable. In order to make it “normal” it simply takes tenacity and time. Something most members of the LGBT community possess. 
Wanting to be the opposite sex or feeling like you were born in the wrong body is known as Transgender ism. This is something that is incredibly difficult to deal with and they don’t need any more negative attention then what they get already. But, perhaps their journey would be less socially traumatic if wearing clothes that weren’t traditional for your gender was more socially accepted. 
Just because a man wants to paint his nails or have a pony tail or wear jewelry doesn’t mean he’s attempting to imitate a woman. I’ll say it again, maybe he just feels great about himself when he dresses according to how he wants. 
Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think its a good idea to send your children to school in attire that’s not socially acceptable. Like putting your son in a dress. However, unless that’s what he wants and he’s old enough/mature enough to know what the societal consequences of that potentially could be. Some children have a good grasp of what that means, while some don’t. Parents need to use their heads. Just because you wanted a little boy and you got a little girl doesn’t mean you can change their sex by dressing them how YOU want. Its their choice, let them make it.
It is worth noting that some cultures will practise this. If they are born too many boys or girls sometimes they will raise their next child as the gender they have chosen. I don’t have an opinion on this practise negatively or positively. Its just a note and reminder to everyone that we should remain culturally cognitive. I don’t recommended this for American culture or any other culture that doesn’t find this acceptable as it could lead to serious repercussions both mentally and legally. Because there is no tolerance of it there is not a support system in place to nurture everyone involved in cultures that don’t practise such things.
Men who want to feel pretty and they are willing to cut a new path, I think they should dress and act how they feel and if people can’t accept that well that’s their problem. Its not like were not used to being misunderstood anyway. Oh my, you don’t like me! Gasp! Say it isn’t so!

With Love
Jeff Utnage