What if an Being from another planet came to Earth and entered a beauty pageant? Let’s talk about what we consider beautiful, shall we?

I imagine aliens to not look like humans, I suppose that’s because of Hollywood or the imagination of others. I’ve never seen an alien, that I know of, but I imagine them to look different, adapted to a different environment. Maybe hairless with extra long limbs and fingers. Maybe with spines that droop wildly from their heads and eyelids that blink sideways. Who knows. Regardless, they look nothing like humans.

Let’s say that their species has 4 genders. All of which lay eggs, from a pouch in their neck, with a stinky gelatin covering to ward off predators. Maybe they don’t eat solid material? Let’s say they eat black matter, space…space, they figured out how to bottle it into a mist they inhale like a nasal spray.

Now, this species travelled billions of light years because they finally hears that Earthlings have claimed they have the most beautiful bodies in the Universe via the “Miss Universe Pageant” and they’ve come to compete.

We know they are smarter than us, we could call them advanced even. Here’s where my mind begins to float around an ocean of mystery bobbing around the waves of intrigue- is intelligence enough for us to judge them as “beautiful”?

Of course, we say yes. We don’t want to seem shallow. Don’t worry, nobody’s in your head checking your honesty… that I know of. Yet, I open an Elle or Bazaar or my Cosmopolitan and I see smooth skinned, curved bodies that typically are easily defined in a binary gender type. We have an *instilled* idea of beautiful, at least perfect beautiful.

An alien would challenge that. It would force us to reimagine how we think about beauty because if we say they can’t enter the contest because they don’t fit a gender binary or that they can enter but don’t win we risk insulting them. One thing I’ve learned in prison, don’t piss off the thing that can kill you.

I wonder what others think of when they hear “Galactic Beauty Pageant”?

With Love