Friend after friend,
Get to know me
The They that I am,
Not the man I once was.

To no avail, I see,
I bid you farewell,
Friend after friend.

No words need be said,
I understand the language of the back.
I will sit here yet again,
Friend after friend.

I talk and joke as friends might do,
The They that I am,
Likes the They in you,
Friend after friend!

The man I once was,
Rears his ugly head,
The joviality suddenly worrisome,
Friend after friend.

I am no longer that man,
But a reborn They.
Proud of my change,
Friend after friend.

It must be hard for you, 
Always in the past.
Being perfect looks hard,
Friend after friend.

I bid you farewell, goodbye, adios!
I leave you with my love,
For I have an abundant supply,
Friend after friend, goodbye.