I am not a big history buff but even I know that what Trump is saying about the media is getting closer and closer to what dictators say about their media. Filtering what goes out and what is printed, wanting scrutiny over sources and content. 

Last I checked that is called CENSORSHIP and it’s the very beginning to a dictator taking over the country. Then let’s not even touch the White House trying to get the FBI to help cover up the Russia thing.

I can tell you this, when I first heard Trump was running I was excited because what the possibities represented for the future of politics. Trump running and winning meant that the schools that train politicians were rendered unnecessary and hopefully get dismantled in the process. But I never imagined that Trump would take on so many characteristics of someone like Hitler.

Though to be fair, the Germans had no idea that Hitler was going to be like Hitler was. He represented hope and the freedom that they all wanted in life. He had answers to their problems and economic issues. Sound familiar? Yeah, scary…then Hitler censored the media and took control over that so that his agenda could be pushed…whoa, things are sounding a little to close to home.

I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong about Trump. Period. 

However, I will say this. As Americans we are resilient and were established from those seeds of resistence. We are not a people who will allow ourselves to be run over by some suit with an agenda. There are several hundred million of us, one of him. Doesn’t stand a chance, so do not fear. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage