I want to be a Human Resource Manager. I want a Master’s in Management with an emphasis in Human Resource Management and this can happen at the University of Washington, Foster’s School of Business.

So this is me telling the world, I intend on going to this school. I know it is competitive and hard to get into, even harder for someone like me, then you factor my age upon entry and having to work and intern requirement. Let me just say that it sounds impossible, I know. But it is not impossible.

My age gives me wisdom and experience dealing with high stress environments, so does my prison experience. I am patient and extremely driven. I know what it means to fail and I do not like it, I have experienced extreme isolation and thrived in environments where I have zero friends, zero support and everyone in sight wanted me dead, literally, and most of them were more than capable and would have felt no remorse for doing so.
Yet, here I am.

So, world, in 3 years and 9 months, I will be out of this terrible place and I will be enrolling at Seattle University for my Bachelor’s degree in business management, find any job that works with me on that, find a place that is within commute distance between the two and I will restart my life.

The good news is I do not have to do it alone. There is a whole team of people who want me to succeed and are prepared to help me, I know this because they patiently have nurtured me while I realized my abilities.

The end goal is to change the world, via a non profit organization called “Anti-Victimization Network” or “AVN”. Where I will be on the board, with other passionate people who came from nothing. I will do this with the same heart that got me into a great paying career as a Human Resource Manager in downtown Seattle or Bellevue or ?? where my Master’s in Management with emphasis on Human Resource Management obtained through the Foster’s School of Business at the University of Washington made that possible. Even for someone like me.

With Love