Have you been thinking about visiting an inmate? Maybe they are a relative, an ex-lover, a potential new lover, or someone you’ve seen on social media or other mediums. There is all kinds of ways one might know an inmate. Regardless of how, there is a little reservation about visitations. 

The thought of coming to a prison is scary, I get it. You see propaganda on TV which has led you to believe that murder, rape, and extreme violence is happening minute by minute. Military-like sentinels pacing with riot gear and batons and elevated positioned assault rifles. 

I get it. I just wrote that and it sounds awful. Super scary. But, this is fictional, fluff. Here is the reality.

You’ll never be safer then sitting inside a prison visit room. Never. Visitors are revered as the ultimate…privilege. Visit rooms are practically sacred grounds where men and women share intimate secrets with one another, dream and make plans, distress even. Yeah, distress by coming to a prison! Inmates are excited, happy, and grateful. 

Coming in contact with people, as in inmate, is life-altering. I know it sounds weird and far fetched, but I promise you, it’s true. Visitations are one of the most effective tools, besides education, for prisoner success upon release. Its one thing to speak by phone or write letters, but its harder to make that emotional connection that friends or mentors-mentee’s might have.

As a visitor, your valued. Your life experience is needed. Your wisdom will be regarded. You will make a difference in so many ways. 

There is nothing scary about visitations. You wont be ogled or in any danger. You’ll only see grateful, smiling, thankful faces that will forever impact your personal, professional, and social life. And its free. Besides gas and if you want to buy food while here. 

It will be an experience you won’t regret and it truly changes lives.

And besides, if you came to visit me, you’d get to kick it with your boy! I’m pretty sure I’d win at Yahtzee, I’m kind of a boss. And I give the best hugs! 

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”