I used to enjoy watching a football game. Superbowl, regular season. I was never into all the extra super fanatical stuff, I knew most of the Seahawks, that’s all that I really cared about. When I first came to prison in 2011 I watched the games.

But then I seen something disturbing, guys couldn’t tell you their kid’s birthdays or remember to shower but they could quote you every football players stats on their fantasy teams. They wouldn’t take any classes to improve themselves because “I don’t want to miss the game”. Some would even shirk work so they could be home to watch every game.

They spend their entire day thinking football, watching commentary on football, the have their families buying newspapers and guides to support their lazy fanaticism. They won’t do anything to help themselves, but they sure won’t miss a game.

They hoot and holler in the day room, they think its cool to scream inside their cells at a talking box. They clap for a team that cannot hear them, they shout criticism and praise to people thousands of miles away, as if they are Skyping themselves as coach. Then, football season ends and a few of us get a break from the melee of their lunacy.

Here we go again. Yay…football season.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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