Being in a tight knit community where there is no hiding you tend to treat people differently. Your more conscious of how people view you because you have to see them everywhere you go. Imagine all your ex’s living in a big apartment building with you where you all eat at the same place and work in the same job. 

Knowing that, you make sure your limiting the amount of negativity that comes your way. Especially when those people are killers. You don’t want to crush the heart of someone that may react in a way that causes physical harm.

Usually when I get hit on, which is frequently, I just laugh it off. I keep it lighthearted and remember that individual as someone to keep at arms length. Even if I find them attractive I don’t reciprocate because in prison its still illegal to be gay. (You can say your gay all you want, but as soon as you act gay its now a punishable offense).

Well in all my encounters almost everyone figures it out that I am not into dating or sex right now. I always tell them that I am not dating anyone that’s in prison because I can’t express affection the way I want to. Which is true. I guess its my way of saying “its not you, its me”.

Is it like this in the community to? Is this just a prison thing?

With Love
Jeff Utnage