Almost everyone knows about the bakery owner refusing to make a cake for a same sex couple. It is enraging for some, heartbreaking for others, and let’s not forget the “I don’t care” crowd.

But how can we push back? Let’s not forget that many of us are Christian and under the same act we are protected. So, as LGBT people and LGBT allies, you can advertise that you will not serve bigots or those that promote hate because it violates your religious freedom as a Christian.

Christianity at its core is peaceful and non-hateful. Our name is “Christ” “Ian” which means we follow the example of “Christ.” Because we are protected under the same act, the same law. We can refuse service to those that promote hate namely, other Christians who discriminate and anyone else who belongs in the hate category… Nazis, White Nationalists, etc. 

Because that violates our religious freedom. It is a fundamental belief of Christianity to separate ourselves from those who cause us to stumble. Well, Christians who say we should burn in hell are causing me to stumble…refuse to serve them at your businesses and advertise it. Tell them to go elsewhere that their money is no good with us. 

This will force lawmakers to clearly define or get rid of the religious freedom act altogether. They can’t side with the bakery owner and not let you practice the same set of values. The same goes for Muslims and other religious groups. The idea isn’t to promote divisions but rather teach our bigoted regime a lesson. Law manipulation is going to bite them in the butt. 

We can do that too, start refusing service to anyone who believes women are lower, subservient, Christians who hate LGBT people…or anyone who hates LGBT people.
Refuse to shop places that refuse service to LGBT people. Blast them on social media, give them the reviews they deserve. 

They’ll change their minds then, our fearful and intolerant government regime will be forced to act. They don’t care about us, they care about their reputation as business men and women. 

With Love