When I first set out to form a support system, end LGBT incarceration, and get current LGBT people equal representation here I never equated that with leadership. I don’t know what I expected but I never thought I was worthy to follow I guess. Now here I am years later and I feel like I am a Momma Bear with her cubs. I don’t just care for those around me, I love them earnestly. 

Which brings a bit of emotion from me. I feel the responsibility of what has happened and I can’t let them down. I knew I was hurting being so isolated and began my journey initially to fill a void in me. I quickly realized how widespread that loneliness really was. It runs deep like roots in many here. I don’t know how qualified I am to lead anyone, but the reality is no one else is willing to try. 

When you begin to care about something so much that you put your life on hold, then push it aside altogether for your cause, people take notice and those that need your guidance or similarly believe in your cause will follow. Whether you want them to or not is besides the point. Will you let them down. 

If you can lead your life, you can help someone else. We are in a culture here in America where we are sick. Our ailment is being short changed by our communities and upbringing. We are specifically designed to interact with each other and solve problems. But our upbringings do not prepare us for self sufficiency in either. 

When you are noticed for your confidence (not to be confused with arrogance) in your cause people follow and you become someone they look up to. It just so happens that we learn more from them then they ever will from us. Love.

I just want to say that you are worthy to lead. You are worthy to be a mentor and friend. You are worthy to be loved!

With Love
Jeff Utnage