As I’m sitting here writing, I have the national news running in the background and on it, they’re covering the third night of protests in Brooklyn Center, MN. The protests over the death of 20 year old Daunte Wright are gripping to me. He was killed at the hands of a 26 year veteran officer of that community named Kim Potter. On this third day of protests, it was released that the officer had resigned her position today after it came to light that she “accidently” shot this kid with what she thought was her taser days earlier. It’s the third day and she resigned… Resigned…

Only law enforcement can commit homicide and mull over a fucking resignation. If law was fair and just, as soon as the the words left her mouth, “Oh, shit. I shot him.” and it was immediately identified that she had done something wrong, she would have been cuffed up and stuffed in the back of a cop car like anyone else. She should be sitting in a jail cell waiting for, at a minimum, a manslaughter charge in the coming days, just like anyone else who endures some level of pretrial confinement. How many people kill another human, whether intentional or accident, and they get to go home to a steak dinner and a family while the bosses accept a resignation? Fair and just… it’s all bullshit, because it’s a double standard. And reports said that she was that police department’s Union Rep, which as I’ve seen, makes her the most untouchable.

As a 26 year veteran, clearly she should have known the difference between a taser and a service weapon. The weight, the feel, the side it’s holstered on… But she didn’t know, or worse, didn’t care. Either way, it’s massively inexcusable. And to be that careless in time when the community she’s supposed to serve is holding its breath over the Derek Chauvin trial so very close, she needs to be in prison for that alone. But ask yourself, why aren’t these bad police shoots dealt with like any other murder, starting with the “fair and just” practice of getting cuffed up on the scene? Oh, that’s right, bulletproof police immunity and the vile Unions that hold taxpayers hostage…

by Rory Andes

This has to change. Demand accountability.

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