Everybody has one or more “demons” that haunt them. Whether its anger issues, drug addictions, promiscuity, daddy issues or whatever. We all have at least one. I personally have several. 

Let’s use smoking as an example. I quit about 18 months before I got locked up. After nearly 15 years of smoking. So when I came to prison I didn’t miss them much. Until you see them and smell them. Then all of a sudden this well of emotion comes and here you are facing a demon you thought was long dead. Lucky for me I am able to remain strong in such instances.

Facing our problems is so incredibly important. If you can say no once you can do it twice. Taking control of your life is the single most empowering thing one can do. If your coming back from drug addiction and you come to prison there are nothing but drugs and time. Its everywhere. When you thought you were long past an addiction just wait until you have to face it. Your strength and resolve will be challenged, that demon aims to find out just how much you have “recovered”.

You must learn to have compassion on yourself and hate the thing that tempts you. If its meth you must learn to hate meth. If its any single object you must learn to despise it. This isn’t the case with things like promiscuity. This you must learn to respect your body. Do you not know that you are royalty? Princes and Princesses? You are to treat you body with the dignity and pride it deserves. Your spirit dwells within you and your body is its guardian and temple. Have respect for your vessel.

You are strong enough to overcome the temptations you dread. Find people who will strengthen and uphold you. You do not need accusers to point out your flaws, you need compassionate friends who know how to love.

With Love
Jeff Utnage