Ruth Utnage, Rory Andes, James Goodwin and Christopher Havens are extraordinary people.

If I have been living on a chicken farm for more than 4,000 day’s, would that not make me the unofficial observation specialist on “good egg, bad egg”?? Or better yet, take Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory, did he not have Mr Slugworth observing the golden ticket winners on their character, dividing good from bad?? 

Yes, I’m saying these above extraordinary people are “Charlie’s”. OK, OK, so Charlie and grandpa Joe broke one rule in the fizzy lifting drink area, but he didn’t sacrifice his character when Mr scary pants Slugworth tried to get the Ever Lasting Gob Stopper from him. Willy Wonka knew that Charlie was a cut above the rest……..well, you know how the movie ends.

I live with these incredibly smart, unique and talented people. They continuously lift me up, teaching, encouraging, and diligently making sure I succeed in overcoming obstacles. What a privilege to be surrounded by the best. I heard something years ago that has impacted my daily outlook on friends. ” Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future”. 

Well, I’m not Willy Wonka or a chicken farmer, but I’m a wonderful judge of extraordinary character, and I’m very proud to call them my friends. The five of us are changing the world one day at a time In our own special way! 

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