Over a week ago I, along with a couple hundred others in this prison, had accepted the second Covid vaccine. It was on a Friday and by Friday night, I felt chills so bad I could put enough clothes or blankets on. As the fever mounted throughout the night, it hit a spot where my own sweat was making me unbearably cold. I was drenched by the morning and couldn’t get motivated to move. That Saturday, I spent all day in bed with body aches and a relentless headache. By Sunday, it was all gone and I felt great, hungry to achieve even. I hear that that’s how the Covid vaccine is supposed to work.

One week later, all of us who took that second dose were called in and told the vaccine had been expired by five days by the time we got it. I felt two things… One, I’m glad I had my vaccine and I’m grateful to know it worked as intended. Two, how could the prison be so neglectful as to inject 208 inmates with expired vaccine. If it were one person, I get it… things happen. But 208 means neglect. That’s 208 opportunities to do it correctly and it wasn’t. I didn’t know the number affected until we made the local news the following morning. But imagine if that were you? Do we deserve this neglect because we’re inmates? I’m sure plenty out there think so, so I guess I should shut up and be grateful I got vaccinated against a virus that the staff bring in…

by Rory Andes

There are days I get tired of being the animal.

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