As a prisoner I do not have access to studies, the latest science or even outdated science. If I want to find out the effects of smiling everywhere I go I must do that action and then ruminate on the results. I do this often.

I do it with all kinds of little things that make me uncomfortable. For instance, right now I’m conducting a social experiment to see what happens to me and my environment when I walk with my chin parallel to the ground and my shoulders squared and with purpose. I chose to do this for 30 days to see if people treated me differently and if I felt any different. I am on day 24 as of this morning and the results of such a thing are oddly dramatic thus far.

When I finish my 30 days I am going to write a report on what happened from my point of view. Who will ever read it? I doubt anyone, but that is not the point. The point is to change my circumstances, my future, my behavior and if along the way I help people, wonderful.

Part of my own pre-release goal plan is to conduct 4 experiments and document them while in prison. I am conducting two simultaneously. One is the walking with confidence, 30 days, the other involves changing your environment. I don’t like that so many of my friends are in awe of my accomplishments and drive. So the plan is to motivate them to accomplish things of their own, to teach them drive and strategy. So I am coaching them through how to write 5-year goal plans for themselves.

The results of that are astounding. It’s like holding a top connected to an alternator and I just hooked it up to a power source. It’s like I hit a switch inside of these guys, it turned them on and I am watching live, in real-time these guys find their purpose, joy, drive, and hunger for life again.

I can do the same for you. That is, if you dare. Work with me and I’ll change your life. Think about that, I specialize in working with leadership.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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