I am at my best when I have a mission. When my pathway is clear, I execute plans well. Doesn’t matter what the plan is, as long as I know what is expected and I agree with the expected outcome and the means, I execute plans well. I bite into a job and don’t let go until it’s finished. But, what do I do when I’m at a stagnation point?

With Pride month approaching I have been stressed a lot more than usual. The pressure is real, I am in a place where we are making history. Let’s face it, Pride is a big deal and the expectations are high. However, I’ve been here before and I know just what to do. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, stick to routine, remind myself of my goals.

I graduate in June with my associates degree. Then its a fight for funding to take correspondence courses in preparation for releasing in 2021 and having enough college under my belt to attend the University of Washington. Not to mention I have to fund my release. Yeah, releasing from prison costs money!

But I couldn’t be more excited. I am up for release in November of 2021 and life looks amazing from where I sit. Everything is brand new! Shopping, I get to explore Seattle, go to a library where I can read…a lot, experience DVR’s and talking remotes, get spied on by some talking robot called Alexa, use an iPhone for the first time…cooking, using a fork, holding a butter knife and not worrying.

Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me. I’m even excited to ride city transit. Yeah, I know.

Most exciting of all though? Being free and truly comfortable in my own skin. Spending the rest of my life being happy with me and who I have become.

What does your future look like? Are you excited about it?

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”