Androgynous clothing exists. Look at skinny jeans, perfect example. Perhaps tank tops, both men and women wear them (looking fabulous, btw!)

As much as I like the idea of drag queens, their shows and most of all, what they have stood for since long before I was born. But I don’t think of them as novelties and I hate the idea that they have to be an “alter ego” person in order feel beautiful.

What I mean is this, if Mike “whoever” wants to be in a dress and heels because he feels beautiful in them, why must he become “Porscha” in order to make it acceptable? Why can’t Mike be beautiful, pretty, fierce? That’s where my frontier is, in that thinking.

Many LGBT people dress with pieces of both sexes. I know gay men that wear scarves and blouses. Women who wear baseball hats and flannel. Then there is trans women, depending on when their physical transformation began depends on how their frame is. They require specialized clothing that they often have to make themselves.

My idea, my dream, is to create a store that has androgynous clothing. A place where they have heels that fit men’s feet. Where sundresses fit broad shoulders and work jeans come in petite. 

Most of us have to chance online shopping or go to second hand stores to get clothes that work. I get out (tentatively) in 4 1/2 years, know that I will be working on this long before then.

Co-collaborators WANTED!!

With Love (and maybe a little lace…)
Jeff Utnage