One more victim is too many. We hear horrific stories through people we know or on television or experience them ourselves. Stories about monstrous people doing monstrous things. 

I am not going to blow smoke up your dress and tell you every criminal is rehabilitatable, it simply isn’t true. Though, there are many who are. However, every crime is 100% preventable. I truly do not care if everyone believes that. 

I have to believe it because the alternative is ugly. A world in which lawlessness and tragedy reigns. That, I do NOT accept. 

We must be diligent to always be looking for the next step. We have been fighting crime all wrong!

We are 100% reactionary. We do nothing preemptive. I do not mean lock people up before they do something. No. I mean find those that are at risk for doing such things and get them help! Focus on that. 

As a species we have the greatest minds on the planet. We can send spacecraft to Pluto. We can manipulate single atoms, we can measure in nanometers and it still not be precise enough for our needs, but we cannot stop car thefts? Or addiction? Or rape? All of which have effective rehabilitative avenues. 

You mean to tell me that we would rather send robots into space and build brain mimicking computers than prevent your little girl from becoming some stress cases victim? Really? That’s what we focus on? 

When a kid clams up suddenly and stops doing the things he or she normally does IT IS TIME TO PANIC! IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL!!!!! People, it doesn’t matter if its not your child or your problem. That is the kid who is vulnerable to outside influences like drugs, gangs, violence, suicide, prison! You do whatever is necessary to help. What’s more uncomfortable, helping now or wishing you had later I life when someone you love was needlessly hurt. It is absolutely a burden on your shoulders at that point. 

It starts with love people. It begins with “hey, I actually care enough to try and help.” When your kid is changing his/her normal patterns, its time to wise up. Get extreme, make a big fuss, raise a stink, bring in help, Google the shit out self help discussions, spend sleepless nights and countless hours on it because it is absolutely your job! Hopefully during all this you learn a thing or two. 

Believe me, you would rather go overboard and be preemptive than go see the child you raised in prison or have to identify their body. Maybe even both. 

Crime prevention is YOUR problem because it is ALL of our problems. It effects us all. 

Please, I am begging you, get involved. Hit me up, together we are more effective than apart. Three of us are smarter than one of us. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage