Prison is full of Christian converts, myself included. It’s like a tacit rule that when you come to prison you have to make a decision about which religious sect you are going to become an extremist for. Outside volunteers become idols for the spiritually and often psychologically broken prisoners who, quite frankly, just need validation that people out there won’t always view them as criminals. The saying “The Jesus in me loves the sinner in you” comes to mind as a solid example of why religion is so prevalent and commands our attention.

The problem with that is the people. Every act of violence I’ve ever experienced has been from the hands of a Christian. Nobody hates me more than zealous converts. No other text preaching love gets used to justify hate besides the Bible, no matter the translation. I find it disheartening and curious all at the same time.

God, save me from your kids.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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