Being a homosexual or even effeminate in prison is a scary thing. There are three assumptions people make:
1) Prison is Disneyland for gays
2) Your going to get raped daily, or more
3) Prison is nothing to worry about, its all TV hype

None of which are true. 

Prison is not a playland full of hunks to play with. Don’t forget that homosexuality is ILLEGAL in prison! You can say your gay all you want, swish your hips and twirl your hair all day. But as soon as you engage in a homosexual act, your going straight to the hole. DOC will not recognize consensual sex, if a sex act is committed then one of you was a victim and one of you was a perpetrator. Period.

Your not going to get raped daily either. While it is possible, and you as a homosexual are at a VERY high risk to be sexually and physically assaulted, the reality is raping other men in prison has become somewhat uncool. Though it does happen, especially in maximum security custody. 

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that prison is nothing to worry about. You should be concerned. Don’t forget that while there may be some well chiseled male specimens to feast your raging homosexual eyes on, that same hunk may well slit your throat if his buddies even whisper it. He will do it just to please someone else. 

Rape does happen, in all custody levels. It is true that the lower the custody level (Maximum, Medium, Minimum, Camp, Work Release) the lower your risk for deadly and sexual assaults. Most guys in minimum custody are just trying to go home. Out of 2000 inmates on a minimum security compound only 40 or so are looking to victimize others and this is usually done through drugs. Why they aren’t removed is beyond all of us…

Lesson of this: Be diligent, understand that nobody is here for your protection. Not staff and certainly not other inmates.

With Love