Me and my friend A. were sitting at a table yesterday when this man sat down. His body language was hostile. A. immediately stood up in fear but he told her that she was fine. Then he said something that sent chills down my spine. 
He looked at her and scowled, his lip curled like he was about to vomit and he said “I only got one thing to say to you, Jesus loves you.” Just when I thought he couldn’t look any more disgusted, he did and then left.

If the intent was to her soul from hell all he did was sour the name Jesus in her mouth. In fact, A. looked at me afterward and said “Oh, did you hear that Jeff? Jesus loves me.” She was not amused. Neither was I.

Its that kind of thing that sours the name of true Christianity. People do things like that and speak words that should mean “I love you” but when they come out its more like “Jesus may love you, but you disgust me…”

Evangelizing a people that have been beat up by the same words that saved you will NOT work. You must actually love us. Your words and the scripture that you keep at your side are weapons and that puts everyone in defense mode, why? Because we have been attacked by them to many times. Do you have any idea how many LGBT people have tried to seek God just to be mauled by some idiot at the pulpit? That’s not love. Jesus never said “Take my words, use them as weapons and slash through everyone.” I don’t remember reading that.

This is just a little note to all Christians. Please, I am a Christian and I can’t even talk about God to my LGBT peers because of you. All I can do is SHOW Gods love through actions and guess what, His love still comes through, in fact, actually loving someone is way more effective.

When we get to judgement what do you think Jesus is going to say? “You clobbered many faggots with my words, good and fathful servant.” or is it more likely he will say “Let’s see how much you actually loved”…

I serve a God who loves me more and more each day. So as a result I will love more and more each day. Despite any flaws or misunderstandings. 

Get a clue.

With Love
Jeff Utnage