In one of Marshal’s excursions to the upper tier of C-wing in D – Unit at the lovely Twin Rivers estates, a conversation unfolded. There were three of us, Marshal, Ruth, and myself. We were conversing on the topic of equality.. for the hundred’th time. And either Ruth or Marshal asked “What would a world that has gained equality look like?”. My response to that was that our community wouldn’t be gay, straight, black, white, or whatever.. but a community full of individuals of all variety, with the property that we all have the ability to adapt fluidly. Fluid adaptivity maps to equality.

I envision having a Pride celebration where we celebrate the pride of our diversity. A celebration where no ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender identity is emphasized, but where ALL are explored and embraced. The reason we should celebrate is that we have embraced diversity in our community of everyone of every kind.

Food for thought.








































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