Do you know what would truly make America great again? Compassion. Yup, super difficult term to practice. Basic sociological principles dictate that our culture today be immersed in divisions and classes.

Which aren’t totally bad. Its not like that hasn’t been going on since ancient civilizations, its clearly outlined in the Bible with the Hebrews and the Gentiles. Good, bad or indifferent, its there.

The staff here can no longer refer to us as “offenders.” They must call us “individuals” or “students.” I think its the best thing Washington State Department Of Corrections could have done to mend recidivism and send a clear message to everyone “we are finally humanizing prisoners.” Frankly, the Corrections Officers are pissed about it. 

I hear them talking about it and how they do not want to view us as that. I understand, it will make dehumanization much, much more difficult. Poor things…

The reality is some of us are using this place to better ourselves. Some things I was not formally taught. Some things I witnessed were wrong and then when I had the chance to fix it I ignored my opportunities, unlike my mother who corrected her life when I was 14. Instead of me following suit I remained on a bad path. 

I am doing everything I know how to help as many people as possible. Why? Because they want it and no one is helping. I have been begging for help and guess how many responses I got when I asked? Zero.

I honestly could not tell you why that is. I have a few guesses but its just slinging words out there. My point is this, I believe in me. I have made some drastic changes in my life and I can help others do the same, if they want it, which I have met hundreds who do. 

As I continue to beg for help from people out there I am advocating in here. I don’t just believe in myself, I believe in the LGBT community, both in and out of prison. 

This place is horrible and I do not want you to come here. I do not want your children to come here and I definitely do not want you to become a victim of someone. Collaboration is key. We have to become coexistant in order for restoration to happen. I know what led me here and I can stop others IF someone(s) can help me reach them. WORK WITH ME!!

It has been years that I have been pursuing this dream of ending victimization. Why manage victims when we can prevent them? Its not unrealistic. Its possible and I am going to spend the rest of my life working towards it. I will get help because I won’t be quiet. I will write every day, post every day, beg every day, and work tirelessly every day. Your worth it, I’m worth it, your children are worth it, and the LGBT community is worth it! I will not leave this Earth until I have made a GIANT impact on crime rates in this country and nobody is going to stop me. Is there ANYONE willing to help?

My mantra for the morning…

With Love
Jeff Utnage