People think I’m naive or crazy. I have been working on a non profit business plan for about 8 months now. Its an intense process that has led me down some mind bending paths, led me to some movers in activism.

I have a plan developed using a model I’ve been working on in every waking hour and even in my sleep. I have a lot further to go as far as writing a complete business plan, financial forecasting, etc. But the model for ending victimization is in a working stage. 

What’s funny is when I ask my toughest critics to look at it, they cannot get past the word impossible. Which has led me to see that some people depend on the world remaining consistent and predictable, even if it means victimization remains unfazed and abundant.

I have a plan that will require more than my generations participation. I can, and will, lay the foundation for the next generation to take hold and end this cycle of pain. I am not dumb enough to believe I can end victimization alone or quickly. It will take time and the heart beat of the community.

We can be so selfish, to only think about here and now. The truth is, we are all going to perish and leave things worse or better off. It is our choice to make, and it is a choice. Just because I won’t see the end of victimization in my lifetime, does that mean I shouldn’t try?


What’s impossible for them is entirely possible for me. Let’s be frank here, I’m shooting for the stars and if I only make it halfway there…I still did pretty good.

I dare to dream and I won’t stop. Allowing others to dictate what’s possible led me to prison and its not a mistake I’ll make twice.

If your interested in helping, get a hold of me. Together we can do big things. But to be honest, I gave up on the belief of others a long time ago and I’m too busy trying to change the world to go chasing after someones blessing of approval. 

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”