Eating disorders do not just suddenly appear one day. Neat little man in a suit shows up at your door step, organized and well-groomed “It’s time for your eating disorder, it will last approximately 7 weeks”.

It takes circumstances that are slow brewed and carefully concocted. Coming out of it is just as specific. A command misconception is that men do not suffer from such a disease, only girls. That just is not so.

As a man I do not feel comfortable telling people I have an eating disorder. They to often laugh or call me ridiculous. They say “your not fat, knock it off!” The truth is I simply do not believe them because if I did, I would not have an eating disorder.

How do you reach out when you do not even feel comfortable talking about it. Honest conversations are near impossible when people do not believe eating disorders happen to you.

While those around me deny that I have a problem I hate eating. Its an issue, the cause to my nemesis, obesity. That which I am told too frequently that I do not need to worry about. Sounds good, but guess what, I am still worried about it. In fact, my body image out weighs nearly every single other rational thing in my life. It consumes me and I have no idea what to do about it.

Asking for help seems pointless because all that happens is people want to make me gain weight, accept obesity, or the potential thereof.

I have a rational brain that tells me I am on the wrong track, but a disease is just that, a disease and I am struggling.

Men get attacked with eating disorders too, who do we turn to?

With Love
Jeff Utnage