I live in a bathroom. Not complaining about it but when I am sipping my piping hot instant coffee and watching my morning news my cellmate may or may not be urinating. When such moments occur one is faced with several thoughts, one of which is weird phrases like “drain the lizard”. Where did this phrase come from?

I know of no such lizard which is full of pee. Nor have I seen any sort of bladder resembling a lizard. Is there some old school renegade keg tap I am unaware of? 

Drain the lizards? This conjures up imagery of spiky, fly eating, squirmy, tail-dropping, green, oozy things. Why on God’s green earth would a man want a woman picturing his pathetic tic-tac as that? Mmm, green spiky things, gets my motor running every time.

I could get more descriptive but I will spare you the rest of my nonsense, LOL! But it does beg the question, if men drain the lizard, what do we drain?

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