I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to do for work in my future. I want to be an Industrial Psychologist, working in Human Resources for a Non-Profit organization. Problem with that is, by the time I finish enough schooling to be qualified I will be nearing 50, if not 50. 

Of course, I’m going to be the prettiest 50 I can be. But that doesn’t change the fact that other 50 year old people in that profession have already had 20-30 years of professional, related experience. This makes it hard to compete.

So I think about what career I’m going to pursue post-prison. I will settle initially for any job, so long as it pays…I’m willing. Inside though, I know I got more to offer. Despite my imprisonment, I am a worth while employee to have on the team. My competitive nature, ability to adapt, business communication, great interpersonal skills, knowledge of cultural diversity…I could go on. None of those skills relate to a specific field, career. 

Truthfully, I’d be happy as a waiter by evening and the proud owner of a nonprofit by day. As long as I could work towards ending violence, organize LGBT community advocacy programs, and continue my activism…I’m all gravy. That’s hardly a way to make sure my bills are paid though. 

My passion is the LGBT communities rights, both nationally and globally. I am very concerned about them. I am also very passionate about ending community violence, no more victims. Both ventures are worth my time, and Industrial Psychology will be very useful in both. 

I may not know what I’m going to do for money folks, but I know one things for sure… I’m gonna change the world. When I die, I won’t be singularly and solely defined by my crimes. I will have also changed the world. 

Anyone else out there think this way?

With Love