I watched a great interview with one of Marshall’s heroes, Matthew McConaughey, last Wednesday on TV and he was promoting his new book, a memoir titled “Greenlights”. It sounded like a great book and he talked about how he’s been journaling since he was a kid, fourteen I believe he said. One of his comments was about his dad and how he influenced him and his two brothers with some monumental values. One of those was “Don’t say can’t, don’t hate, and tell the truth.” What great lessons to know…

I think rebirthing in prison the right way involves all three of these fundamental elements. If I said I can’t, then what the hell am I doing? Why work towards anything if I just stop if it gets rough? (Please view “The Gift…” for better context in this.) Nothing in life is worth it, if it’s too easy. As long as I know that, I can… more importantly, I will. Don’t hate… how much more of my life’s space is wasted if I hate everything? Things worth anything are already difficult to work towards, so why waste the energy on hating those that have it, or even those that piss it away? Don’t hate means staying in my lane and being in command of my own life. That sounds like an ingredient to a recipe for success. And tell the truth… I came to prison because I wasn’t honest with myself and how unmanaged my life had become. Real problems swallowed me in real ways. Others suffered at the truth of that. But truth is also set in knowing that I’ve driven miles from that point and I can see all the little details of the life around me. Telling the truth also includes saying “I can”. And I will. I’ll even be honest enough to ask for help if I need it.

I give a big thanks to Matthew McConaughey for the great words from a cool guy during an inspiring interview. I hope that when our own Marshall gets out and meets him, I get the selfie of both of them. If you read his book “Greenlights”, let me know how it is…

by Rory Andes

Great words are so simple sometimes…

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