I am a legit Big Brother fan. I watch it avidly and get all wrapped up in its social intricacies. As I listen to the news and what’s going on with the current presidency it seems awful suspicious that the media is being hand fed story after story. 

As the news of Don Jr. having a meeting with a lawyer with ties to the Kremlin broke I couldn’t help but think this is a distraction from something else. Trump is taking blow after blow in the media and I assume he needs a break long enough to accomplish something. Get the heat off of him for a few weeks. Was his son a sacrifice? Only time will tell. 

My prediction: Trump doesn’t give a crap about health care, he wants a legacy that lasts in history books. Think about it, he already has fame and fortune, he doesn’t need that. He just may lead us right into WWIII. 

Scary Times.

With Love