What is your role as a community member? Is it to pass resolve and responsibility onto a government official? Make someone else worry about your safety? Your success…is your job to do nothing? I think not.

If you see a bully in a coffee shop harassing a cashier, you should say something. If you see someone’s online post talking about some heinous act they are plotting, you should say something. If someone close to you is struggling, you should help. Because doing nothing is as good as collaboration, you may as well have nodded your head in agreement.

People in prison, yeah, we messed up. But our lives were in pieces. Many still are, shattered souls warehoused in cages, like specimens being stored in some macabre Nazi storage bunker waiting for the world takeover to reveal their hordes of broken souls…me, a thing, warehoused. I did wrong, no doubt. But I am better now, rehabilitated and ready to live life, worthy of the second chance I will receive and ready to use it for some amazing things. Which, I am beginning now.

In the mean time I am suffering, as are many others. Some get HRT, some do not, it just depends on how the doctor feels, I guess. There’s no accountability, no reprieve from injustices, from abuse. I try not to talk about it, to burden anyone else with my problems, but I could use a visitor. Someone to sit with me for a few minutes, let me feel human for just a little while, to converse with you…that’s all.

Or will you do nothing?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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