It was the night before Halloween, all standing around, no ghost or goblins, just our amazing Summit Assistance Dogs and trainers. We had tons of fun. A few of the games we played were… One dog, one handler standing twenty feet away from a kennal, then as you cue the dog “Kennal”, your being timed how long it takes your puppy to go inside the kennal. All the puppies love this exercise, because they get a yummy treat as they enter their crate.

Next was the ping pong game. This was my fav. OK, picture this. Dog leash in hand, with the same hand you have to carry a spoon with a ping pong in it without dropping it around a course with your pup tugging at the leash. Randy Brennan and I, along with the “Ham” Jamon won second place! We actually won one of those shiny ribbons, red with gold lettering.

To sum up our fantastic night of festivities (we played more games). We all worked together having a great time while learning leadership skills, encouragement, positive affirmations and celebrating two hours of complete freedom in prison. Everyone received a candy bar for participation. Mine was a Milkyway, and you better believe I savored each and every bite.

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