When I was in my mid teens my family knew a lady named Vickie. She was in her early 50’s then but peppy, thin, financially stable. I remember going to her apartment with my Mom one night and she brought out a few small plates and some glasses so we could eat a little something. As we finished our snack she washed the dishes right then and there. 

I remember thinking it odd that someone would stop everything to wash dishes. Strangely enough, I quickly decided I liked that better. In fact, that made me pay close attention to Vickie from that point toward. She was full of energy and did things much differently than my family did.

I didn’t develop the habit of washing my dishes as I made them until I came to prison. Now the idea of letting them pile up until later seems so far removed from the scope of possibilities that I can’t imagine doing it.

Though, it applies to everything in my life, that’s what I missed in Vickie at my youthful age, she procrastinated on nothing. I didn’t catch it then. I do now though. It’s a habit I now possess as regularity. One I wish I would have been taught at a young age. The dishes are just dishes. But they represent how we deal with our lives. 

Do you let things pile up until it NEEDS you attention or do you stay on top of it so its not so much at once?

Just because you are on top of things at work where there is structure doesn’t mean you get a free pass in your life. You deserve to not put yourself on the back burner until you NEED attention. If you do this you are being so unfair. So many people can benefit from you being on top of your own life. 

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this from anyone who reads this.

With Love
Jeff Utnage