As adults we have a tendency to be self sufficient. Which isn’t a bad thing. However, we all have faults, we all have something to work for. Let’s use Olympians as an example. 
Olympian hopefuls know that they need to train. They know they need hard work. They know they want it bad, they have a big heart for it. But they can only go so far in training before they know they need help. So they get a coach or trainer to help find their mistakes and give them the proper tools for success. The coach didn’t medal, the Olympian did. The Olympian did the work and fulfilled their job, the coach did theirs. 
Its perfectly acceptable to get help. But you have to know what you want. That’s your job. Only you can decide. You also have to accept that you aren’t perfect and though you may have talent, you still have room to improve.
Something else we do as adults is think were to old to accomplish much else. This is our lane, were going to stay in it and be this. But you don’t have to. The beauty about age is experience. Its valuable and needed for success. 
We can reinvent ourselves again and again. There is no limit to what we can do. We just need to be willing to get help, find out what we lack and begin improving. 
So, do you know what you need?

With Love
Jeff Utnage