Waiting for my hot water pot to boil this morning, I poured some oatmeal into a bowl, adding the following part’s.
1) Yummy brown sugar
2) A tiny sliver of butter
3) One table spoon of creamy peanut butter
4) A pinch of cinnamon

Holding the shaker of cinnamon, I started reading the label out loud, and quickly noticed my teeth coming together to form the letter ” C ” but in doing so I made a hissing sound as I said the word cinnamon. Then I tried to say cinnamon without putting my teeth together and found that my face actually looked like a snake while hisssssing saying the word cinnamon??

Am I the only one with this issue ! By the way, I love cinnamon so much I put that powdery goodness in my milk. I did find out the hard way that you really have to stir an mix it well or it becomes a major choking hazard.

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