For many queens taking a compliment doesn’t seem to be a problem. But if someone sits you down and gives you a genuine compliment do you find a way to end the attention? If yes, why?

I attended a motivational event today where the nonprofit organization came out and talked to about 150 of us inmates. The basic message, we matter. What was interesting was he had us do an exercise, it took one minute. For thirty seconds, tell the person next to you why they matter to you, then for the next thirty seconds, listen to him do the same in return. 

It was easier to tell him then it was to listen. As soon as the other guy began complimenting me, which was a friend of mine, I immediately began to squirm. Like an ant below a magnifying glass. 

After the program ended I began to think about why. Why was I so uncomfortable hearing someone tell me a positive quality about myself? What my friend said to me was “Your the most inspirational person I know, no one has ever inspired me more then you”. Instead of saying “thanks” I said he should make more friends and laughed uncomfortably. After some thought I figured why I felt that way. I didn’t believe it. Not that I didn’t believe him, I did. I don’t believe that about myself.

To think that I could inspire someone is a great theory, but not believable. Do you know my past? Nope, nothing good from this guy…that’s what I really think. 

How about you? What do you think about yourself? Why do you matter? 

I’ll start, I matter because I am capable of inspiring people to be better people. I believe it and I want to do this. Now you go…

Many of you can answer, however, if you cannot, please write me. You matter and I can prove it.

With Love
Jeff Utnage