When I think to myself about my goals, I understand they’re lofty. Being an HR consultant, working for DOC to help institute serious changes in culture, get my grad degree…and probably my PhD, eventually live in downtown Seattle, in a condo, financially set, have a prominent role in my community, and oh yeah, be a totally free woman (with hopefully great teeth, lol).

Yeah, I get its lofty.

I can hear at least one person in my life saying “Yeah, but Ms. Utnage, that’s not good to set unrealistic goals in your position with your history, what if you fail and now you have nothing realistic to fall back on.”

Of course I have alternative plans…

Like ask for help, or restructure what I want against realities or simply pivot in a better direction. The point of going bigger than what you might be capable of is to prove that you are actually capable of so much more. If I was setting big goals without having already put in serious time and energy into other “impossible” tasks, I’d roll over and play the role as the obedient felon I’m seemingly being asked to be who is satisfied just working some low paying job and not victimizing people. But I’m so much better than that and have a lot more to offer than being someones pet monkey trained to chime my symbols when they say so.

Nah, I’m going to go do it. You want to place your money on someone with drive, moxie, and grit mixed with a little bit of desperation and confidence. That’s me.

There are a few programs and people that are going to get my full attention throughout my life going forward because they believed in me when literally nobody else would and they are:

Disability Rights Washington – Trans Injustice Project – Danny Waxwing, Atty. (Seriously, this man gets whatever he wants from me, that’s that)

Defy Ventures Washington – Whole staff and volunteers

Post-Prison Education – (these people are amazing! Ari and Taylor, OMG!!!, freaking rock stars!)

And there are more, like my Mother, Valerie who has been a rock solid support person for me even when people told her not to be. Thanks for not listening, to everyone in my life.

Let’s go do some amazing stuff together!

Too lofty?! How about not lofty enough?!

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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Jeff Utnage