Bold changes come from bold leaders. I recently seen an old debate in which Romney was running against Obama and they were saying that Obama was the most divisive presidential candidate to date. Then there was Trump.

Trump is sounding more and more like a nationalists every day. America first, make America great again, destroying NAFTA, extreme tariffs on our allies. Making promises to the American public that they will come first, finally.

The problem is Americans have put themselves first since Americas inception. We committed genocide to establish this land. Then we, along with Brazilians, enslaved a race to work our bloody land. Then we, quite rapidly, built one of the largest and most dominant militaries on the planet. Other countries currencies are dependent on the Dollar. So much so that if American economy fails, so does theirs. We’ve always been first.

Now we have divisive topics surfacing again, like Roe V Wade. Where Christian conservatism meets modernization. Then we have laws being implemented all over the country, or being upheld, that promote and allow discriminatory business service. Which isn’t very Christian, by the way.

In fact, I would venture to say that modern Christianity has become the “Anti-Christ.” These people are mean, angry and spend more effort on proving their supremacy and positioning themselves politically and financially then they do worshipping the God they claim too.

Jesus wanted emulation, not protection.

Pride month was important for us this year. Even in prison we can feel the division. Races among inmates and staff alike are clearly wary of one another and its awful to watch. It is not the usual white versus black anymore, now its white and black versus LGBT and Hispanic.

There have been many instances in world history where a leader takes office and begins to nationalize the country, making promises to put the people first. Hitler comes to mind.

Great leaders don’t highlight their ability to lead, they create other leaders. Consider what is happening and measure for yourself.

With Love
Jeff Utnage