Thanks/Praise to God



I’ve FINALLY reached the highest high, with you by my side

I never imagined this would be such an easy coasting, smooth sailing glide–

Lookin forward to the future, I see that we’ll both always have someone in whom we can confide

Life lesson to be applied: 

TRUST IN YOUR HEART, & it will lead you to joy, happiness, & everything you need

We have something to believe in, 

A love that gives our lives meanin

Now that we serve a greater purpose than SELF, there’s nothing we can’t be achievin

Love, affection, affinity–

All comes along with the respect & dignity

I’m proud to say I got something worthwhile that I’m identified with

Dignified with

And to spend my life with…

Honor is sacred, we share a bond that deserves the best protection, care, attention & investment of OURSELVES possible

What does honor mean to you?

To me it means: RESPECT, the utmost value, knowing the value & worth of what you have, commitment to excellence, 

Treating you as if your a precious jewel, respect for feelings, differences, and COMMITMENT to uphold truth & honesty at all times, 


I am COMMITTED to always upholding your honor & treating you with dignity at all costs

I wouldn’t have it no other way

After all you have done to prove your love to me, the least I owe you is: ALL of me…

The most I can give you is: REALNESS, this is ME, this is who I am

Opened up, exposed, vulnerable, & at your beckon & call