Did you ever put a hand written note into a helium filled balloon when you were a kid, and watch it float away until it was just a tiny speck in the sky?

Did you ever adopt a stray dog named Girl, and when you got off the school bus she was there waiting to walk you home?

Did you ever get hit and dragged over an old wooded bridge by a car while riding your bicycle home, ending up without a single scratch?

Did you ever sneak out as a kid and walk for miles in the dark for one kiss?

Did you ever trespass in your neighbors garage, wondering what would happen if you pounded a sharp railroad spike into a silver spray paint can?

Did you ever climb a giant hundred foot tree, sitting on the top branch with a death grip realizing you couldn’t get down, having to yell for help?

Did you ever feel like melting inside receiving a hug and be told that you are loved as a kid?

Yep, I sure did!

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