Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that you can feel its energy. It’s the people behind it, its the people it helps, its the momentum it generates. Defy Ventures Washington is that opportunity.

If you’re a business owner or supervisor or investor this program is for you. If someone you know is incarcerated, this program is for you. If you yourself are a felon, this program is for you. Defy changes lives through helping the incarcerated reach their untapped potential. It bridges the gap between the business world and the marginalized by fostering safe interaction and guided mentor ship while instilling cognitive behavioral changes and practicing business ideology.

Its changing the lives of the people around me, while I’m in prison. People who were just sort of puttering along sleepily have suddenly come alive with hope and drive. Unlikely friendships are developing, hope is being breathed into the souls of those who thought they were past their prime.

We’re starting another cohort on November 5th and I get to facilitate these new men and women into realizing their dreams are more than possible. Here’s to our wonderful sponsors who have sacrificed more than any of us can imagine, Leo and Rachel, and the dozens of Seattle area businesses and entrepreneurs who have willingly come into this prison and mentor us.

What an amazing opportunity!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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