Are you kidding me! OK, look, here are the facts planet earth. If you never heard of Defy Ventures Washington before, stay tuned for the next ten months. Right out of the gate this morning we all packed into the chapel, I mean like packed, as if you had six toes in a small shoe size. We discussed the importance of our life story, values, and we received “The Master Plan” by Chris Wilson. This book is a huge beacon of hope, it’s incredible.

To our surprise, Leo Novsky introduced us to one of his mentors, Brandon Peele, author of “Plan It On Purpose”. The quality of this man’s character and content of speech, along with how he delivered it today was absolutely nourishing. Like being rescued from a high desert after weeks of being wind burned and thirsty. Heck Yeah!

Overall take away: Purpose is your deepest identity. It reveals who you really are, guides, engages and fulfills you. Are you living your purpose? What is your purpose statement? Also, I learned there is a class out there called “The Mankind Project”, and something else that sounds completely inviting, “New Warrior Training Adventure”. Yeah, put me in coach!

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