Well it’s official. Tonight, 10/16/2019 was orientation for Defy Ventures, and I was first in line. I’ve been waiting for this incredibly creative, achievement-oriented, self-development and business like program for thirteen years. Wow! What an honor to be able to embark on this great journey. I’ll be working at becoming the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of my new life. Our wonderful instructors are beaming with compassion and consideration and a deep willingness to see all of us succeed. They said I am now an EIT (Entrepreneur-in-training). Tonight was loaded with hype, positivity and powerful testimonies from the last graduating cohort. Yeah, there’s finally a place indoors where I can shout, clap, and cheer at 100% And that’s expected from everyone. Heck Yeah!

I’m feeling complete wonder, overjoyed, spellbound and tender as reality sets in tonight. Walking back to my living unit under bright prison lights, I felt so free, a whole new excitement washed over me. Aaaaah, I love my life.

Marshall Byers

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