Think about the word equality, what imagery comes to mind? Can you think of a time when mankind knew equality? Like an example we can follow? Maybe caveman days, but even then cavemen imagery conjours up hints of a patriarchal clan, far from equal.

Since we don’t have an example, we kind of have to think up our own. What kinds of things should be equal? Rights, sure. We’re not there yet on rights, if your black and trans your more likely to be shot, average life span of 37 years, right?

But equal rights is just one small sliver of equality. What about access to healthcare, life. More money equals more life, because you get more access to more life saving medical attention.

What about hate? Does equality encompass hate? Our idea of equality says everyone has the right to believe what they want, individual sovereignty. The problem with that is institutions like the baptist church, for example. Some of them hate LGBT people. Or in places like Iran and Nigeria where you are executed for homosexuality. Our idea of equality means they have that right, but that also means the murder of homosexuals and the constant torment of LGBT people by people like the baptists.

We, as a collective, need to come together and define equality. A working definition.

If we want equality, the only way we’re going to achieve it is when we know precisely what it looks like. Then we will have something to work on.

What are your thoughts?

With Love