My name is Ruth, I have spent nearly 11 years in prison by the time I get out. I never joined a prison gang, I didn’t assault anyone while I was in here even though it seemed to be normal to do so. I made history while I was in prison by helping organize the nations, possible the worlds, first Pride event in a prison. I guess I should mention I am trans, in a male’s prison.

I want you to know I have value, far beyond carrying heavy things, though, I can do that too. I am very good at analytical thinking, critical thinking, and strategy. I have learned to read people, very fast, and react in a enough time that it seems I was ahead of the curve. I am a gifted public speaker, as you will learn, I can move a crowd, I am good with high profile clients and investors, especially in groups. I know how to scan the business landscape for new opportunities and threats and how to mitigate and seize both. If I don’t have the answers I am intelligent and humble enough to ask for help where I need it.

I knew I was going to have trouble getting a job when I got out because I was a felon and most folks around me turn to hard labor or low wage jobs to accomplish their dreams, they think too small, they do not recognize their worth. I think big, I expect big. I’m working on my graduate degree, mainly so I can solidify my value in a language you will understand, a piece of paper. But know this, I’ll get it.

I want to work with a company that is high-functioning and dreams irrationally at times, shoots for the next galaxy even, I believe in optimism. I need a firm that will let me believe in them, a space where I can grow, flex my intellect and creativity. I am best at motivation and goal strategy and planning and have dreams of managing a huge HR firm and developing ways to digitize the HR department in a meaningful way. I need a place where I can help mold culture, help your/our employees realize their dreams and then know that it was your/our company that helped them get there.

I want that. If you can look beyond my past mistakes and see me for the opportunity I am, I would love the chance to accomplish great things with you. I’m available 12/1/2021, hit me up now.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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