I have a tendency to not like dating. In fact, I havent gone on a real date since I was 16. Everything since then has been very informal. I was married young and haven’t really experienced the “dating” scene. When I see a cute guy I refer to him as future ex-husband number whatever the number is for that day. 
I know its silly but some guys are just fine remaining in a title less relationship that way they have the freedom to cheat without remorse, after all we never really put a label on anything. I dislike those games and as a result I want to jump right to the part where your mine and mine alone. 
Strangely enough I am a very non jealous man. I have complete trust in whoever my partner is and just assume that what they are doing is appropriate. Perhaps that’s fool hardy on my part. I’m just not clingy and need my own space.
I have to wonder though what the reverse side of this coin is looking like. Which is the freedom riding dating scene. Where there are frequent hook ups and endless amounts of awkward moments while the other is either chewing their arm off or the complete opposite, planning a wedding. In the mean time you either settle for a peck on the cheek or like most gay men we bang. Because let’s face it, were still guys. 
I have to admit that I dont like hooking up and prefer the comfort of knowing arms. Ones that have explored my body before and know right where to go and even more important to me, where not to go. I think this makes me a husband shopper and not a dater. For me, I look with the end game in mind where as most men look for the night. 

What to do, guess I’m a hopeless romantic!

With Love

Jeff Utnage