The government gathers data on most anyone it wants, all conspiracy theories aside. Between the IRS and the NSA’s attempt to track terrorists we all know that “big brother” is data mining us, even you.

Then we have big tech companies, like Google and Facebook, among others who also data mine. Our habits are all known. They say it’s so that they can provide “better, more customized service”.

Now, we have one data mining agency (US government), who feels entitled to our every piece of info, now getting miffed off at big tech for doing a better job at it. Now our government wants to control companies like Google in the name of our “privacy” but I see little difference between what big tech is doing and our very own government. One is openly doing it so that they can make trillions of advertising dollars, the other is doing it for God knows what.

Doesn’t our congress have other crap to handle?


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